Project Smooth - Streamlined Software Delivery Initiative

Continuous Delivery is fairly easy to implement in a tech startup. When you must adopt the practice across 10s or 100s of teams with legacy infrastructure, monolithic enterprise deployments, governance, and security concerns - it’s not so simple.

In this session, you will learn about Project Smooth - A DevOps Adoption Initiative that explains J-Curve of Transformation from a fully manual Enterprise full-stack deployment world to a No-touch small-frequent-microservices deployment by keeping an emphasis on -

  • How Change Management and Compliance has been incorporated in the CI-CT-CD pipeline.
  • How SDLC processes drive auto-approved no-touch continuous delivery pipelines instead of real human intervention downstream.
  • How tools, technologies, governance and systems integrations that have been implemented in building the CI-CT-CD Pipeline with a little bit hint about organizational and cultural changes that Coyote had to make to progress towards this streamlined Software Delivery Initiative.

By the end of the session the attendees will learn how Project Smooth increased the number of deployments, reduced time to delivery, and facilitated reduction in time of approval through our release gates.