A Whole Team Approach to Testing in Continuous Delivery

It’s not uncommon for teams practicing, or moving towards, continuous delivery to face a growing backlog of customer-reported bugs and struggle to maintain their deployment cadence. If a team has testers, the testers may be expected to continue with their same testing activities, without any thought as to how those can be fit into CD. Teams without testing specialists often struggle with insufficient coverage from their automated regression tests, and they may miss serious problems entirely because of inadequate exploratory testing.

In this session, Lisa will introduce techniques that help teams build confidence to release small changes frequently. These include:

  • a pipeline visualization exercise teams can do to find ways to fit in all testing activities, including manual ones, and shorten feedback loops
  • using a test suite canvas to determine the minimum automated tests needed
  • ways to analyze risks and determine next steps to mitigate them
  • ways testing specialists contribute to continuous delivery success

This is a session for everyone on the software delivery team, who may or may not have experience with continuous delivery and deployment.